If you are here because you are concerned about your child's social-emotional or behavioral development - I can help.

Taking the first step towards a diagnosis is not easy. As a clinical psychologist specializing in neurodevelopment and psychological assessment, I offer high quality, evidence based, "gold standard" diagnostic evaluations to children in the Phoenix area (and virtual evaluations to the broader Arizona population) to help you, teachers, and other adults understand your child's unique learning style. My evaluations are comprehensive, and include multiple modalities of data collection, with input from parents, teachers (when applicable), along with direct observations and testing with your child. Following all evaluations, I will sit down with you and help you understand your child and how you can best support their development, and recommend services based on their needs.


Autism Spectrum is a neurodevelopmental disorder, or brain style, characterized by differences in social communication, sensory sensitivities and exploration, and repetitive or restricted behaviors/ interests. The diagnostic process is complex, and requires a skilled psychologist.

Psychological Testing is a specialty service offered for individuals needing diagnostic clarity and the development of service recommendations for home or school. ADHD, learning disorders, Autism Spectrum, and related disorders in particular require comprehensive psychological testing for valid diagnosis. 

Teleassessment is a good option for families who live in rural areas and are unable to access in person services. Alternatively, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many clinicians and families are choosing this option when it's ethically and clinically indicated. 

Dry Flowers

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I am currently providing comprehensive psychological evaluations at Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services (, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition, I am providing virtual Autism Spectrum evaluations for children age 3 and under in rural areas of Arizona who do not readily have access to a psychologist who completes such evaluations.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

phone: 480-648-2529


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