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How I Can Help

Psychological Testing

Psychological, developmental, or psychoeducational testing is a speciality service that can be helpful for diagnostic clarification as well as informing treatment and service recommendations. It is particularly useful in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and learning differences (e.g., dyslexia), among other neurodevelopment and behavioral challenges. I offer high quality, evidence based, "gold standard" diagnostic evaluations to children in the Phoenix area (and virtual evaluations to the broader Arizona population) to help you, teachers, and other adults understand your child's unique learning style. Following all evaluations, I will sit down with you and help you understand your child and how you can best support their development, and recommend services based on their needs. 

Virtual Autism Evaluations

Virtual Autism evaluations are an excellent choice for are particularly beneficial for families in rural areas who cannot readily access in-person services, or for other reasons, prefer virtual assessment. These evaluations generally involve a comprehensive interview with parents, input from daycare providers/teachers (when applicable), as well as direct observations of the child using instruments developed and validated foruse via Telehealth to aid in the diagnosis of Autism. 

Behavioral Consultation

Sometimes parents and families don't know where to start. Does my child need an evaluation, or should we just jump right into treatment? Is a psychologist the right specialist to see given my concerns about my child? What kind of evaluation or treatment do I need? Is my child getting appropriate services at school? Questions such as these are often best addressed with a one time consultation.